Eager Zebra Games

Grandmaster Poker

It’s not your grandfather’s poker! Put together your three best hands of Poker simultaneously, using strategic hand-to-hand moves and timely discards, to win prizes, badges, t-shirts, and more! Unlimited free plays daily. No purchase necessary to win.



Zackjack is Blackjack…with a kick! Put together three simultaneous hands of 21 to win prizes, badges, and t-shirts, plus earn bonus points for speed play and assembling hands by color and more! Unlimited free plays daily. No purchase necessary to win.


Card King

Using a standard 52-card deck, with Kings being high, guess if the next card dealt with you will be higher or lower than the previous card. For each correct guess, you’ll score points. The more daring you are, the more points you’ll be awarded. Earn Bonus Points with a long straight or one of five Sidekicks. Post a top 100 score for the day and you’ll win a share of the daily Card King Jackpot. Earn instant bonus prizes and cool badges, too! Play free twice daily, and more games for as little as one TCredit. No purchase necessary to win.


Gold Streak

In Gold Streak, your objective is to correctly guess the most popular or least popular answers to fun survey questions. Build one of the longest streaks of correctly-answered questions for the day to earn cool badges, bragging rights, and compete for the top spots on the Gold Streak leaderboards. For more fun, reach the “Streakasphere” each day.

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Knockout Trivia

Get ready to dazzle everyone with your trivia IQ! In Knockout Trivia, your objective is to outlast your fellow players answering trivia questions (with help from multiple lifelines). Each round, you’ll move on with a right answer…or get knocked out with a wrong one. Be the last player standing to win the match.

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Jump in your time machine, visit the future, and determine the answer to our current question (shown below). Predict the correct answer and win the Zackpot (or a share if there are multiple winners) and a nifty badge for your TConnect page!